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Bodega Diamond products are manufactured in New Zealand and Texas to the highest standard.

Our engagement rings are made from the finest and highest quality grown diamonds in market, with international certification. We are very confident to buy back our own diamonds only, because we stand behind the quality. We own our own casting house so there is no outsourcing at any point in the production process- all products are cast and hand finished in house.

Purchasing a diamond ring from us is easy- We have standardised diamond pricing based on our standards outlined below.
We understand that buying an engagement ring can be a big investment, so we invite you to make an appointment to discuss your purchase in person.

The Only Diamond Jeweller in New Zealand that offers a buy back guarantee.

At Bodega, we lovingly handcraft each and every piece of jewellery right here in New Zealand.
We are so confident of our product quality, we offer a buy back guarantee on all lab created diamond engagement rings purchased from us.

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    At Bodega Diamond, we only select diamonds within the brightest D-F colour grades.

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    Bodega Diamond chooses only the clearest diamonds for your setting. All diamonds selected are within the range of IF-VS2.

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    You may select any diamond cut for your setting, and this will not affect the final price. Some cuts may need to be on special order, so please get in touch if you would like anything out of the ordinary and we can organise it for you!

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