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Where are Bodega products  manufactured?

All of our jewellery products are currently made in New Zealand.

Do you do mine diamonds or Lab diamonds?

We do both, as per the customer request.

What is the difference between Lab Diamond and mine diamonds?

Both lab and mined diamonds have identical physical and chemical components as well as international certification.

Much Like strawberries, Organic or greenhouse? It’s a matter of choice. However, either organic or greenhouse, its all about the grower. The same applies for lab diamonds and Mine diamonds, if the origin is clean and the grower is efficient you will get top quality diamonds.

At Bodega Diamond, we offer a buy back guarantee on all of our lab grown diamonds.

How does your buy back guarantee work?

At Bodega Diamond we are the first and only company in the world that will offer a buy back guarantee for our diamond products. 

We have the finest quality in the market and that’s why we are confident to buy them from the original purchaser.

It’s a must that you keep your original invoice, Certificate and the items in Excellent condition to qualify for a buyback. 

What is the Diamond Selector?

The Diamond selector is Bodega Diamond original Idea, we are trying to make it convenient for our clients to buy with confidence, As such Our Diamond selector will provide you with:

a- Colourless Diamond, DEF only, subject to availability**
b- IF-VVs-Vs only Clarity**
c- Triple X and no fluorescence, extra fine quality**
d- International certification rather than Local jewellers certificates. So you can buy with confidence that it is a real diamond.
e- As such the only thing you will need to do is to choose the size and the price will adjust accordingly on the diamond selector.

Where can I view a sample of the designs you offer?

You are most welcome to visit Our Auckland store :

Tj Handcrafted
588 chapel rd
Botany Town center
Auckland 2013
New Zealand


Our store in Houston is coming Soon!